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AlumaFab Metal Sales, LLC began operations in 1980 supplying flat sheet metal for the architectural industry. AlumaFab gradually moved into the fabrication of general metal brake shapes and later, panels & column covers.


Aluma Fab Metal Sales became a wholly owned subsidiary of Protean Construction Products on January 1, 2017.


Protean has provided fabricating services to Aluma Fab since 1992, and ownership of the two companies has had significant overlap. However, the businesses have operated independently and competed with each other in the market. With the merger of the two companies, Protean and Aluma Fab will focus on providing value to differing segments of the metal architectural cladding and accents marketplace, including column covers.


"If we are not helping our customers be successful, we are not going to be successful", said Troy Ethen, President of Protean. "As we reviewed how these two businesses operated in the market place, we saw an opportunity for meeting additional needs." Protean will continue to focus on project specific solutions to meet the needs of the architectural marketplace. To do so, Protean will utilize their expanding network of Manufacturer's Representatives to help Architects select and specify the metal wall panel systems to most cost effectively achieve their vision. Aluma Fab will focus on providing more standardized products to meet the needs of contractors and subcontractors who are sourcing column covers, ACM panels and aluminum plate panels for projects where a fabricator may not be specified.


Protean Construction Products (www.protean.com) has been a leader in the manufacturing of high-tech architectural metal wall panel systems since 1989. They focus on a wide variety of standard honeycomb, plate, foam insulated, MCM and column cover systems which can be customized to specifically meet the design intent of the architect. Offering a single source of responsibility to their customers, Protean has the flexibility and versatility needed to custom fabricate systems to meet their customer's needs. With experienced design staff and unique manufacturing processes Protean can produce a wide variety of custom panel systems at a competitive price. Their panels take the form architects desire to meet their vision at a cost owners need to meet their budget. Protean: The Form of Architectural Vison.


Aluma Fab Metal Sales (www.alumafab.com) began operations in 1980 as a sheet metal supplier to the architectural industry. Aluma Fab gradually moved into fabrication of metal brake shapes and later, panels and column covers, for the architectural markets. Aluma Fab continues to provide sheet and brake shapes to allied manufacturers in the architectural market, as well as column covers and metal panels to the trades.

Aluma Fab: Creating a New Standard.

In 1992, AlumaFab was purchased by the current owners, and through the years has assembled a staff with experience in various facets of the architectural and metal fabrication industries. AlumaFab's sales/marketing staff is knowledgeable in technical aspects of the architectural industry and can offer insights and alternatives in many situations.


AlumaFab also has a highly capable drafting staff. The companys project managers can assist you in many aspects including; structural performance, wind loads, panel flatness, attachment methods regarding your column covers & wall systems. They can assist you in creating innovative metal fabrication designs, devising solutions for panel attachment to the structure.


Many of AlumaFab's staff come from the Architectural Storefront and Curtainwall industry and are very familiar with curtainwall fabrication and installation, including: materials, curtainwall design, storefront systems, windloads, air infiltration, water infiltration and other design criteria.


AlumaFab has a history of success in the architectural metal fabricating business, creating a reputation and established track record of delivering its finished product on time to meet the clients project schedule. Projects range from small metal fabricating jobs and very large corporate construction projects within short deadlines including column covers, panels, canopies etc...


For more details on AlumaFab's metal fabrication products and services, please contact our sales department at 800-544-2488 or 952-895-5700. Fax: 952-895-1500

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